The New Face of
Luxury Italian Perfumery

Our products are carefully curated by a team of dynamic and passionate driven individuals that ensure luxury designs and sophisticated scents.

These fragrances are handmade and skillfully crafted by our master perfumer Carlo Ribero that provide top-quality products as a result of his long standings expertise.

Freeshape Milano is synonymous of iconic design and represents as such a quality, its signature packaging with a flamboyant colors’ bottles and his marble lid-top that conceals and protects the aromas and allows it’s authentic elegant and innovative product to be unleashed.

Our message wants to resonate strongly and directly to the soul of all the people who will wear our fragrances, in fact each fragrance has a very deep and spiritual meaning that will serve as an add value for those who wear it, and it will become a share value for those who can smell it.

Free Your Soul, FreeShape.